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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 6, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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over the place, over to winchester and martinsburg a few flurries, southern anne arundel and prince george and out of frederick to upper montgomery we have flurries. temperature-wise in the 20s to around 30 down south. our windchill is at 21. we go to the 30s today. clipper tomorrow night. could have problems by friday morning. >> angie, any problems. >> we got a new one. that is what we will kick off with. a reported water main break on wood dread road between branch and brandywine. watch for icy conditions with the water on the roadway. 95 heading northbound. things are slowing down between the prns prns and -- prince william parkway and 123. that is volume. something we have been watching since early on this morning, a
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water main break in manassas. prince william parkway part of it is shut down between moore drive and liberia. the good news there are detours in place. interstate 395 slowing down between duke and seminary. okay approaching the bridge and we will wrap it up at the capital beltway. outer loop is moving but below speeds at university to georgia. that's the traffic. now over to you. >> at the top of the hour, it's official. be mike shanahan will be the next head coach of the redskins. he doesn't come cheap. alex trevino has the story that we first brought you last night. >> reporter: good morning. mike shanahan is moving to the nation's capitol because he is getting paid big bucks but to reshape the franchise future. just two days
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after jim zorn's foreseen departure, mike shanahan agreed to his salary he had with the denver broncos. the first two seasons the broncos will pay half that figure. the deal was reportedly signed at redskins park last night. he then posed for pictures with dan snyder. we spoke to several redskins players after the news broke last night. >> my agent texted me and told me mike shanahan will be the new head coach. i think it will be great. this will give us a chance to really compete having that experience and leadership in there. it will be unbelievable. >> great day in washington redskins history to have coach like coach shanahan. you don't get too many two-time winning coaches on your football team. >> reporter: on the excitement about the new direction for the washington redskins makes me want to buy a jersey. that says a lot for someone who grew up watching the dallas cowboys. if you do it since you are from new orleans, i'll do it. we will join the movement.
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>> absolutely, when they aren't playing the saints. all right, alex. thank you. how do you think the redskins will fair with their new head coach. are they heading to the play- offs or will it be a sub par season. vote in the poll at he we will check the results at 6:30. jim zorn says he never considered quitting his job. he said the firing is hardest on the family. >> there is a lot of risk involved in being an nfl coach. this is part of the risk. the risk of failure. the risk of having to now go find another opportunity. >> you can watch brett haber's interpreter view at the feds are reportedly talking to steam staff as part of the investigation into
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gilbert arenas. he apologized for locker room gun play in what he called a misguided post. the washington examiner reports authorities have spoken with wizard staff and security as part of a grand jury investigation. they will decide if he faces weapons charges. that could be complicated by his gun conviction in california in 2003 and arenas could be punished by the team and the nba. president obama vows to strengthen airport security. it comes after a high level meeting after the purported christmas day plot. he said the intelligence agency failed to connect the dots. >> this is not a failure to collect intelligence but integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. the information was there. agencies anniversary that lifts who needed it had access to it and professionals were trained to look for it and bring it altogether. >> airport security is giving
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full body pat down searches to people flying to the united states from 14 high-risk countries. the president added he will suspend the transfer of guantanamo bay detainees to yemen. that nation is believed to be a hot bed of activity for al- qaeda activity. when it comes to airport security, we are constantly reminded how imperfect it can be. a reminder yesterday from california. metal field in bakersfield was evacuated and shut down for hours. the reason, five bottles of honey in a bag. initial tests showed signs of tnt. time for a living smart report. jessica doyle is live with local college bargains. >> we have some of the most expensive universities in our region but it turns out we have some of the best values as well. two local schools made this year's best values in public
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college list by kiplinger's magazine. university of maryland stays in the top 10. george mason university is number 64. the top five value schools in the country are the university of north carolina at chapel hill, the university of florida, the university of virginia, the college of william and mary and the state university of new york at binghamton. the white house is pushing congress to provide financial incentives to upgrade the energy efficiencies of homes. consumer demand remains week because of the cost. a home retrofit or redesigning duck work. fast food companies are putting more options on the menu. taco bell is rebranding a drive through diet menu. they are promoting a woman that
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says she lost 54 pounds by eating taco bell's lower fat options, similar to subway's jarrett vogel. over at chick-fil-a they added a yogurt parfait. dunkin donuts is rallying out egg whites. >> thanks for making us hungry. time for a commuter alert. in the district, expect delays on 295 and 11th street. work begins to replace the 11th street bridges. lane closures begin at 9:30 this morning. on to virginia where you can expect delays on the beltway around telegraph road. crews will be doing emergency pothole repairs in that area. watch out for lane closures beginning at 9:00 this morning. and on to maryland where people driving along randolph road to i-270 will go under 355. it's part of the montrose
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parkway project. the new interchange is tricky so it's important that you follow the signs. ahead, learn who is not getting into the d.c. maryland race. a fight over taxes and fees in virginia. in ten minutes, republicans and democrats start debating and your wallet is caught in the middle. right now focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here is howard. >> maryland we have snow flurries to show you, especially to the north and east. things are quiet in montgomery county but howard, carroll, over to northern baltimore county seeing snow flurries flying. over to the east and southeast along the bay there from annapolis to southern maryland across prince george county, brandywine, you are all seeing the light snow flurries out there. as far as the rest of today, it will be a day where we have the morning flurries, afternoon sunshine, breezy and cold with highs in the mid- to upper-30s.
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angie governor, wednesday morning. >> water main break on wood drood road between branch and brandywine. a live look at colesville and the east-west highway. temporarily we have temperatures below freezing so we have slick spots on 355 past 121. please use caution. to be successful, you have to stay motivated. best selling author and motivational speaker willey jolly explains why you can't get by without it. >> good morning. this is willey jolly. tip for success is to make the most of this year by throwing away the resolutions and setting goals. it's essential that you make motivation part of your daily routine. read or listen to something motivational. find something that encourages you, a book, tape or this daily
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time for the hero report and kristen fisher is with us. >> i'm working on a follow-up to a story that we brought knew july. it's about a group of woman even in washington called the girlfriend's club. these women are on a mission to make sure that seniors in nursing homes are not alone. the volunteers team up with a girlfriend at a nursing home and essentially become their family, visit them, go shopping with them and bring them christmas gifts over the holidays. when we featured the girlfriend clubs six months ago, they faced one serious problem. >> demand has been more than i can really accommodate. and, you know, it's so hard to say no. >> so, here at hero central, we put a call out asking for volunteers and you viewers responded. since that story aired, the number of members in the girlfriend's club more than doubled, so much so they have been able to expand the mentor
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ship program to a second nursing home in the district. i had a chance to catch up with these new girlfriends earlier this week to find out exactly how much this group has grown over the past six months. we will have the full story tomorrow morning at 6:10. it is neat to see how much they have been able to do since all of you viewers responded. thank you for that. if anybody else would like to join the girlfriend's club, e- mail heros at >> thank you. here is what is in the news, senator chris dodd will announce he is not seeking relex. he is head of the senate banking committee. he faced a tough re-election battle. president obama will meet with congressional democrats. they will try to reach a compromise on health care reform. in particular, how to help some americans pay for insurance premiums. and take a look at this van
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says it all. in the snow, i am cold. 4 inches of snow and ice in avery county, north carolina. it's part of the winter blast gripping the nation. howard, there is your cue. >> they are trying to recover from an ice storm in parts of the mountains a few weeks ago. i have a friend who is a meteorologist in charlotte, they are still trying to recover. a lot of cold there, not only by us. if it makes you feel better -- >> we are not alone. >> no. it's a lot worse in other parts of the country. let's talk about the snow flurries. like yesterday morning we have a bunch of snow flurries showing up. if one or two blows your way, don't be surprised. this is light snow flurry activity. not expecting any accumulation with this. something that you will notice as you step out. montgomery county, it's dried up but westminister down to i- 70 into howard county, we are
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looking at a bunch of snow flurries there. watch out for that. frederick is quiet. over to southern maryland and the east, you see this activity from the bay pushing across north beach to pax river and mechanicsville and leonard town a couple of snow flurries for you and around the shenandoah valley and manassas a spit of snow shower activity. the next three days it looks like this. cold, comfortably cold today and tomorrow, if there is such a thing. mid-30s to upper 30s. tomorrow night here comes the clipper system. we are dealing with minor accumulations. it could mess things up for friday. then blustery friday. things will stay steady or drop to the 20s as the arctic air returns. the bus stop forecast, a few
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flurries, breezy. 15 to 25. it's cold this morning. suns up at 7:27. mid- to upper-30s. winds out of the northwest 10 to 20. then tonight clear to partly cloudy. we are back in the 20s. the piece of energy coming through with our flurries, we see it in pennsylvania dropping south. right now over the next couple of hours, three hours or so, this will be the most intense period for the snow flurries. we are at 30. windchill 20 thanks to the west- northwest at 14. we have wind gusts this morning like dulles and martinsburg in the mid-20 miles per hour range. windchill out there. temperatures in the 20s to around 30. it's not as cold as it has been. our windchill teens to lower 20s, keep that in mind. seven-day forecast, we are watching the clipper system tomorrow night. that will bring in light snow. it could be enough to cause problems friday morning. then cold air, arctic blast for the weekend. we recover by next week.
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speaking of recovering, how about the roads. here is angie. bad news, good news, we will start with the bad news. we are watching this water main break in maryland. it's between -- on wad drood between brandywine and branch avenue. here is the good news for those of you in the manassas area, here is the update. looks like the prince william parkway, all lanes are back open between moore drive and liberia. watch out for -- use caution as crews are on the right shoulder. give them their space. 66, 234 to 28. we are dropping speed from 50 to 123 losing speed as well. just volume. hello maryland, one slow ride. we are tacking on an extra ten minutes from germantown to montrose. hold on to the wheel as evidence through the camera shot. a follow-up to a story we
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brought to you last month. the end of a candidacy before it started. 9news now learned r. don pep police will not run for mayor. he told 9news he opted not to run. are virginiaians ready to pay more taxes and fees. tim kaine proposed to raise a billion dollars in taxes and fees but as peggy fox reports, republican lawmakers say they won't let it happen. >> most virginiaians will see it as ludicrous. >> reporter: republican leaders are blasting outgoing governor's budget because it includes new taxes and fees that don't exist. >> he is looking at a billion to two billion dollars in extra taxes. virginiaians can't afford that. >> reporter: he says they won't approve the may be to reinstate the car tax or localities to
6:19 am
impose a 1% surcharge on top of the state income tax. >> that hits virginia families smack in the pocketbook. >> reporter: but miramar grit relationship -- miramar garrett ripple says. >> it's good to have a variety of tax sources so no one segment of the community is hit more than another. >> reporter: if the legislature doesn't increase taxes or fees it must decrease spending. that is on top of millions in cuts and services and hundreds of layoffs in state governments already. >> nobody likes taxes but we can't have schools, roads, the wonderful public libraries that we have in arlington are fabulous. >> the most important thing a leader can do in this time is to look at virginiaians in the face and say we will cut the budget. there is waste there, opportunities to he come no ms. and we will take advantage of these times in order to get the
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job done correctly. >> reporter: he admits there is no area of the budget that won't feel pain. peggy fox, 9news now and ahead in sports, which player came up big in last night's orange bowl.
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overtime. you know the capitals. they are all about the alexs and both were in the spotlight last night. before the game, 0 vehicle chin was named the -- ovechkin was named the captain. caps beat the canadiens 4-2. on to the nba, wizards were visiting the philadelphia 76ers. jamison had a great night, 32 points and 14 rebounds tying the season highs. gilbert arenas had a double double. d.c. wins. wizards visit the cavs tonight. down in miami, the fed ex orange bowl between iowa and georgia tack. 231 yards for two touchdowns and i had away wins 21-14.
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it's the school's first major bowl game win in 51 years. coming up on 6:25. ahead, where gas prices are this morning. it's monday,
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a fiesta in madrid spain. thousands lining the street for the festival. it marks the night before the feast of the epiphany which is today when the three wise men reach the baby jesus. thank you for starting this wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace. 40 days until marty grass. >> they will have some of the
6:30 am
coldest temperatures since february of 1996. around here, we are just cold with a little moderation. we want to talk about school closings, garrett county two- hour delays. they are at the bottom of the screen as well. let's talk radar. we have flurries out there. scattered about, you see them up to winchester and charles town and also toward harpers ferry, laplata say to mechanicsville, north beach, chesapeake beach and howard county we have scattered flurries. don't be surprised for some of those this morning. we are looking at highs with partly sunny skies in the mid- to upper-30s. angie is talking traffic. >> a little ice. we have a water main break on woodard road between brandywine
6:31 am
and branch avenue. 395 a 10 minute commute. that drive delay is growing. bladensburg road, slowing down around the times building. lightens up past this point. finally 270. we have something new to tell you about. this accident at i 370. everything has been pushed to the left shoulder. it appears that drivers are getting by. we know that they are backed up to 118 germantown road. now back to you. >> thank you, angie. president obama says when it comes to that thwarted christmas day terror plot the nation dodged a bullet. the nation met with top level advisors tuesday. they talked about what went wrong leading you want to plot. mr. obama said the intelligent was there and the pests weren't put together. now he is demanding answers. i made it clear today to my team, i want the initial reviews completed this week.
6:32 am
i want specific recommendations for corrective action to fix what went wrong. i want those reforms implemented immediately so that this doesn't happen again so we can prevent future attacks. >> airport security is giving full body pat down searches to people flying to the u.s. from 14 high risk countries. the president is dealing with news today of some big names in his party deciding not to run for re-election. the biggest being this man, senator chris dodd. he will officially announce today he will not seek re- election. the connecticut democrat has come under fire for his role as the head of the senate banking committee. polls show him losing to republican challengers in november. that news came hours after senator byron dorgan said he won't run again. he is from north dakota. he wants to pursue other interests. and our sister station in denver confirms colorado governor bill ritter will not run for re-election in the
6:33 am
fall. the first term democrat is facing dropping numbers. an attorney representing the supposed third state dinner crasher says his client had every right to attend the event. attorney scott boldon said his client asked for and received an official invitation. >> reporter: from whom did he receive the invitation. >> received it in the mail. presumably whoever sent it to him, it had the white house emblem on it. >> reporter: formal invitation from the white house. >> i didn't say that. i have not seen the original piece. we are investigating where it came from. >> the secret service said carlos allen seen here entering the white house was never on the official guest list. well, it's a done deal, mike shanahan will be unveiled ts the next -- as the next head
6:34 am
coach of the redskins. >> reporter: good morning. mike shanahan and company have a tough task ahead of them, urng the washington -- turning the washington redskins into play-off contenders every year. shanahan is set to receive a five year deal from the redskins at the same salary he got in denver, $7 million a yearment since he has two years remaining on his contract, the broncos will pay half the figure in 2010 and 2 though 11. shanahan signed the deal at redskins park after ironing out details with dan snyder. players are excited about the possibilities. >> great day in washington redskins football history, to be able to add a coach like coach shanahan. you don't get too many two time super bowl winning coaches on your team. >> that's the most important thing. we have somebody who has been a head coach before that knows what it takes, championship coach. hopefully get in there and watch tapes and see the guys
6:35 am
that they want to keep around. >> here is what is going on. we have seen a few people walk in the doors, turn on lights, getting set preparing for the big announcement, mike shanahan becoming the head coach of the washington redskins. other interesting news, his son, kyle shanahan currently the houston, texas offensive coordinator will join the team to lead them to hopefully big wins. back to you, andre i can't. >> all right, apparently lex. on our web site we are asking you how will the redskins fair under coach shanahan. 12% are optimistic saying we are going to the play-offs. 24% say the skins will be better but no postseason. 27% are calling for an 8-8 season which we would have taken this year. 37% predict seven wins or fewer. cast your vote today when you visit time for another living
6:36 am
start report. jessica doyle has the local jobs picture. >> good news. we are holding up better in the washington area than other parts of the country. the labor department released new figures examining unemployment in major metropolitan areas. the report shows that the washington region had one of the lowest jobless rates in the country at 6.1%. at the same time 17 of 372 areas surveyed saw the unemployment rate jump to 15% last month. meantime the u.s. auto industry closed the books on its worst year in nearly 3 decades. sales dropped by 30% in 2009 as the companies negotiated their way through bankruptcy and government bailouts. ford had a down year and not down as much. it reported a strong turn around in the end. we told you about goggles new phone and it has since been unveiled. here it is. it's called the next excuse one.
6:37 am
the smart phone has a wi-fi and touch screen and the ability to zoom. it has a hefty price tag. $529 if you just want the phone and you are not buying it from a service contract. $179 if you get it with a contract from team mobile. verizon plans to offer it with a contract in the future. some think it's phenomenal. the iphone has more memory and more apps. >> we will need a couple of jobs to afford that and the gas. the cost of filling up your gas tank is on the rise. regular gas is averaging 2.67. that is up 4 cents in the last week. experts blame the rising price of crude oil along with the cold weather nationwide. nationwide 2.69 a gallon, nearly as high as it was all of last year. a virginia based group is coming under fire because of someone that is using in an ad
6:38 am
campaign. that someone is first lady michelle obama. in six minutes, who is using her image and why that group thinks it's okay. right now we go to howard who starts the focus on virginia's weather and traffic. >> cold morning. before we get to doppler, i want to tell you about the cold effect. signal hill elementary school the heat is not working. school is closed. snow flurries in the seven even do a valley. one or two down manassas way. western loudoun county to west virginia, harpers ferry and martinsburg as well. this afternoon we get rid of the flurries this morning. cool day, breezy, highs in the mid- to upper-30s, maybe near 40 down south. angie tax it away. >> thank you, howard. lee highway and military road no problems to report out here. where is the traffic? over to the toll road where we are live from route 7, hopping
6:39 am
on 66, 495 past the toll plaza, you will hit the congestion. over to the g.w. parkway from the beltway to 123 to the key bridge, we are showing you nothing but green cars. nice, clean commute. happy wednesday, everybody. 9news now will be right back.
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check out the pictures from the hubble space telescope. they are the earliest look at our universe. get this 13 billion light-years away. the nearest galaxies in the shots are one billion light- years away. ads featuring the first lady are popping up on the metro and in magazines. the problem is mrs. obama never approved the deal. kristen fisher has more on this
6:43 am
story. >> reporter: the fur is flying over this new ad campaign for pet take -- peta. here is the problem right there. this poster for their new antifur campaign. it's called fur, free and fabulous. it features carrie underwood, oprah, tyra banks and first lady michelle obama. peta has rolled out a fur free and fabulous van cruising the streets of d.c. the only problem is the white house says they never gave peta permission to use the first lady's image in the ad. "usa today's" blog the oval calls michelle obama an unwilling peta model. they admit they never got permission but in the past she has issued statements indicating that she does not wear fur. so, that is peta's justification for it. no word on whether the white house will take any legal
6:44 am
action yet to stop the ads but this is one of the big stories that you will see on the web this morning. another big story on the web involves a place that would be, dare i say it, perfect for fur. talking about the 26th annual international is-snow sculpture festival in northern china. it's all carved from ice and illuminated by multicolored lights at night. you can take a ride on the ice slide but it is cold. the average temperature this time of year in china's ice city is negative 16 degrees. andre i can't, don't tell -- andrea, don't tell peta but if you wear fur that may be the place. >> so many parts of the word, england, china getting hammered with the weather and other parts of the united states. around here we have school
6:45 am
delays. garrett county two hours. allegheny money town ridge district two-hour delay. katakin feeder schools or on a two-hour delay. and word that signal hill elementary in manassas what no heat so they are closed for the day. the snow flurries, like yesterday morning we have flurries. this morning we start with doppler 9000 thousand showing you the flurries being picked up. jacked up the sensitivity on doppler yesterday. the snow is more tough to see. it doesn't have the reflectivity as water dope please. but they are in carroll county, howard county, montgomery and eastern half of frederick are quiet. west of 70 flurries on 15. over to the east, april that police, prince dread direct --
6:46 am
prince frederick, flurries there. even mechanicsville seeing some of those snow flurries. in the seven even do -- shenandoah valley along and east of 81. sharls town to barryville as well. front royal across western loudoun and leesburg can't rule out you will see a flurry. that's what we got. this afternoon sunshine and 37. tomorrow 36. tomorrow night a clipper could bring problems for the friday morning commute and then arctic air returns with highs on friday only near 30. moms like me bus stop forecast, a few flurries, breezy. windchills 15 to 25. then this afternoon partly sunny breeze he and cold -- breezy and cold. winds come down tonight a little bit. speaking of coming down, look at this piece of energy from pennsylvania.
6:47 am
this is what we were looking at on live doppler 9000 thousand. but in d.c. visibility is good. we are quiet. not flurrying here. we have a temperature of 30. northwest winds at 14. they are gusting to about 26 at dulles. that's why the windchills are down in the teens and 20s. air temperatures are milder -- i don't know if that is the right word -- but not as cold as they have been the last few mornings. upper 20s. clipper tomorrow night. this could drop a little snow giving us problems for the friday morning commute. highs this weekend, even though it's dry highs in the 20s. angie has the latest on the traffic. >> and school closings. in maryland garrett county schools, this just in, they are closed. garrett county schools in maryland are closed. for all your delays and closings, updated every two minutes. talking about traffic, 270 south, have this crash activity
6:48 am
at i 370. off to the left shoulder. drivers are backed up to the father hurley area. into virginia, 66 eastbound slow from 234 to 28. from route 50 to route 123 and then from nuttily as you approach the capital beltway. 95 to 66 looks like things slow down between 236 and little river furn. 95 -- turnpike. that's the traffic. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, angie. new information is revealed in the case of a woman accused of cutting the unborn child from the womb of a pregnant woman. prosecutors say veronica deramous told police she paid teka adams $5,000 for a newborn baby. adams was allegedly held, tied up with duct tape then sliced
6:49 am
with a box cutter. both adams and her daughter survived the attack. the baby was delivered by c- section. a bizarre incident on i-66 has virginia state police baffled. a car was hit by two bullets new year's day near the grove ton road overpass in manassas. lindsey mastis has the story. >> reporter: vehicle traveled 65 miles per hour on this stretch of i-66. this audi was hit by two bullets on new year's day. it missed the two people riding inside. according to police, the vehicle just passed the grove ton overpass and as they headed down the road, the passenger and the driver reported hearing a loud noise. there is a bullet hole in the rear door and indentation above the gas tank on the passenger side. the news makes drivers in the area nervous. >> that is scary. >> i drive all around, work
6:50 am
that we do. yeah, it's scary. >> somewhat of a concern. make sure that the area is safe where i'm driving. i friend questionly drive down 66. >> reporter: police say the car was driving eastbound and both bullets hit the passenger side. on that side of the highway is vacant land for sale. it's partially fengs'd in -- fenced in with a no trespassing sign and the owner does not permit hunting. lindsey mastis, 9news now and >> investigators are unsure if the people in the car were targeted. in sports, the virginia cavaliers are riding a four- game winning streak for the first time in two seasons. uba beat texas pan american 72- 53. virginia hosts nc state this weekend. randy johnson is calling it a career. he spent 22 seasons in the
6:51 am
majors and won his 300 game last june against the nationals, the same franchise he began his career with. 30 degrees in northwest washington. a big year for the smithsonian. in three minutes, how many people visited the famous museum cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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6:53 am
6:54 am
a. here is what is no the news now. a hearing begins at 10:00 for sheila dickson. her attorney says she deserves a new trial because five jurors spoke with each other on facebook. they will testify today. democrat george owens the third will officially enter the race to become maryland's next governor. he will challenge incumbent mark o'malley. for the first time in eight years more than 30 million
6:55 am
people visited the smithsonian. 2009 saw a jump of 19%, especially among local visitors. there were slight drops of the american indian and air and space museum. >> we have scattered flurries out there. it will be a breezy day with a mix of clouds and sunshine. mid- to upper-30s. seven-day forecast and traffic when we return.
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a story of twins born in different decades in tampa florida. mom went into labor new year's eve. the doctor delivered one baby before midnight, the other just after. so, birthdays in different decades and it's what mom and dad wanted. >> i turned to miss robles and her husband and i said do you want them to have the same
6:59 am
birthday or different birthdays. >> it will be good because they have different parties. >> one right after the other. the twins are ineven ten safe care because they are premature. they should be able to go home in about eight weeks. howard pointed out only one tax deduction for 2009. >> we know what will happen. they will share the same birthday and have their christmas press at the same time. >> they can. >> 270 southbound at 370 an accident off to the left shoulder. jammed back to father hurley. 395 north way from the beltway to seminary approaching the bridge. >> flurries this morning. better chance of snow with a clipper tomorrow night then more arctic air for the weekend. >> for wall street, looking slightly lower this morning. >> the "early show" is next. more on the president's security meeting. they will speak


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